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Candy Cotton

Fluid Art Painting

for Kids

Online Course

"Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else."


- Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

Candy Cotton
Avery Herbst


Riley Herbst


Sylwia Herbst

& Sylwia


Why fluid art for kids?

  • It encourages fine motor skills, neural development, and problem-solving abilities. 

  • It allows children to process their world, deal with sometimes scary emotions, and gives them critical sensory input.

  • It is important for its own sake, as a source of beauty and self-expression, as well as simply for the process of creating.

  • It helps create a clearer and calmer mind as well as improved focus.

  • It encourages and increases imagination and creativity.

  • It is fun for kids and it is an activity they really enjoy.

  • Art is vital to families because it keeps everyone engaged and happy, but it is also a great way for kids to decompress and enjoy time by themselves.

Candy Cotton

“Research indicates that a child who is exposed to the arts acquires a special ability to think creatively, be original, discover, innovate, and create intellectual property—key attributes for individual success and social prosperity in the twenty-first century.”  - International Child Art Foundation


Here is what's included in 

The Fluid Art Painting for Kids

Online Course

  • The simple how-to needed to start painting, even if you or your child doesn't know anything about fluid painting.

  • 19 brief videos of how to paint with fluid art:

1. Welcome

2. Supplies

3. Primary Colors

4. Set Up & Mixing Colors

5. Dirty Cup (Flip Cup) Pour

6. Drying Process

7. Flip Cup with Avery

8. Four Cup Flip with Avery

9. Additional Touches with Avery

10. Open Cup Pour

11. Open Pour & Blow with Riley

12. Straight Pour

13. Swipe Technique

14. Rainbow Swipe with Riley

15. Palette Knife Painting

16. Do Over

17. Signing & Naming Your Art

18. Tape

19. Torch (optional with parents help)

  • Kids do the course at their own speed and on their own time

  • Five different simple fluid art techniques 

  • Personal help from us by email

  • Ability to paint art similar to the​se:

Fluid Art Painting by Sylwia
Rainbow Painting by Riley
Painting by Avery.jpg

Time-Lapse Preview

Plus - These Awesome Bonuses!

  • A basic guide to mixing colors, printable sheet

  • A simple printable glossary of the basic art terms used in the course

  • A printable supplies list including, what supplies you really need, and what you can do without, and where to buy them, including photos

$ 600 Value

Fluid Art for Kids



Kids can imagine, create and have fun with pour painting.

Candy Cotton



A 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

If you purchase the course and it's not up your alley, just email us for a refund.

We have a happy customer policy.

And free shipping!

(Just kidding, it's digital)

 You'll get a link to the course platform in your email. 

Your downloads will be there as well.

Candy Cotton

$ 600 Value

Fluid Art for Kids



Kids can imagine, create and have fun with pour painting.

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