About Me and My Process

I believe art can pull us out of whatever clouds can gloom over us each day.  Even if you're a generally positive person, lets face it, we live on planet earth, and not all is peachy keen all the time. I think we can rise above sadness, anger, hate and fear through art and I aim to create artwork that uplifts and increases positive feelings of joy, aesthetics and serenity.  

I'm an expressionist artist which is more of a surreal art form.  It ignites the imagination of the spirit, not only for me, but also for the person on the receiving end of the communication.  I love to create a sense of aliveness and freedom from negative emotion and infuse into it positive vibes, so to speak.

Most often I like to paint without a preconceived idea of what I aim to see on a canvas.  I like to choose colors that appeal to me that day and mix them.  I generally like to use colors that are calming, soothing or joyful. It is pure fun to create in the moment and often feels like a communication from another universe. 

I keep my materials very simple.  Pro quality primed canvas and acrylic paint, and a pro thinning medium.  I do not use silicone with the fluid artwork as I find that the silicone never dries and leaves a greasy film.  I also do not use water as a thinning medium because it thins the binder in acrylic paint itself and decreases the paint's ability to stick to the canvas.  

I produce archival quality artwork, meaning resistant to deterioration or loss of quality, allowing for a long life expectancy.

Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Time lapse of a 12 x 48 acrylic on canvas painting called Ascension

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