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Painting from my mind is so much more interesting than painting objectively. There are whole worlds and universes in there.



As a young girl, Sylwia (pronounced Sylvia) loved to catch the train down to the Chicago Art Museum and wander the halls for hours getting lost in the works of art of Monet, Renoir, Morisot, Whistler and many others.  She would enter these different worlds and let her imagination take her away.

She has always had a passion for visual arts and throughout high school and college painted large murals, studied figure drawing, charcoal, pastels, print making, watercolors, oils and acrylic painting on canvas which ultimately became her favorite medium. Along with art she studied classical music and began winning awards and medals for both.


Against the advice of both her art and music professors, her chosen career at the time became Finance, in which she attained a Masters Degree at The American University in Washington DC.


She later returned to her love of acrylic painting and worked mostly in a realistic and impressionistic style. Along the way, she worked her way into expressionism and became fascinated with the style of creating works of art spontaneously without planning or sketching out the scene first.  She used her imagination and mental images and feelings to create the work.


She was drawn to this type of painting because it felt like an open doorway into other worlds and universes and the paintings themselves felt alive with the energy that came from this.  

The result is works of art that are often colorful and flowing.  She uses acrylic paints with a thinning medium but never water or other additives. Sylwia often adds lines and detail with a pellet knife or acrylic markers and very rarely uses a paint brush.


Her work has been described as dreamy and uplifting and now hangs in many collector’s homes and offices.


Sylwia hopes to ignite the viewers imagination with her work as much as it ignites hers when she paints.  She currently lives and paints in Clearwater, Florida.


About the Process from the Artist

I create paintings that capture the uplifting images of my imagination.

I believe we can rise above sadness, anger, hate and fear through art.

Most often I paint without a preconceived idea of what I want to see on my canvas.  I like to create my paintings spontaneously rather than planning out, sketching and rendering a piece.  I paint from imagination as opposed to observation of something in front of me. 


When inspiration strikes, I'm guided by the feelings and openness of the mind and portray whatever appears. I see colorful images of what seems like different worlds and universes, and aim to communicate the sentiment of the scenery.  

With each piece I hope to ignite imagination not only for me, but also for the person viewing the painting. 

All paintings are acrylic on canvas. The paint continues over the edge so the piece can be hung without a frame if desired.  I use primed gallery wrapped canvas and an acrylic medium to prevent crazing (cracking of the paint as it dries). 


I do not use additives such as silicone as I find that the silicone never dries and leaves a greasy film.  I also do not use water as a thinning medium because it thins the binder in acrylic paint itself and decreases the paint's ability to stick to the canvas.  

The artwork is of archival quality, meaning resistant to deterioration or loss of quality, allowing for a long life expectancy.

Each original piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and is ready to hang. 

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