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Hello!  I'm Happy You're Here

I believe art can pull us out of whatever clouds can gloom over us each day.  Even if you're a generally positive person, lets face it, we live on planet earth, and not all is peachy keen all the time. I think we can rise above sadness, anger, hate and fear through art and I aim to create artwork that uplifts and increases positive feelings of joy, aesthetics and serenity.   

I mix abstract and impressionism often and like to leave much to the imagination.  I love to create a sense of aliveness and freedom from negative emotion and often include things that represent the basic elements of nature.

My Painting Process

Most often I like to paint without a preconceived idea of what I aim to see on a canvas.  I like to choose colors that appeal to me that day and mix them.  I generally like to use colors that are calming, soothing or joyful.  

I love to make the acrylic paint fluid by adding a single thinning medium.  This makes the paint flow and I can easily manipulate it once on the canvas. Here is where the magic happens as I envision what to create within it as I go.  It is pure fun for me to create in the moment, and often feels like a communication from another universe. 

I keep my materials very simple.  High quality primed canvas, good quality acrylic paint, and a thinning medium.  I do not use oil or silicone with the fluid artwork as I find that the silicone never dries and leaves a greasy film.  I also do not use water as a thinning medium because it thins the binder in acrylic paint itself and decreases the paint's ability to stick to the canvas.  Lastly, I allow the paint to cure (fully dry) for 3-4 weeks before I apply a protective, UV resistant finish.  I do this because I strive to produce high quality art work that will last for years to come.

Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.

My Story

Throughout my life, I have been on a journey to find freedom.  First, freedom from communism, then freedom from socialism and ultimately freedom from all the things around me which I felt created a very negative impact on my existence.  And so, my journey to spiritual freedom began as a child in communist Poland, where I experienced oppression of the people for no apparent reason.  I used drawing to connect to a different world which I wanted to create, and which became my own personal universe.


At 17, I studied under Marie Lipke who introduced me to acrylics. That year, to my surprise, I won first prize for a painting I submitted. That experience ignited a passion in me which still burns today. It wasn’t the prize that created this drive, but the actual fact that a person whom I never met, the viewer of my work, was moved by what I had portrayed. I realized then, art was a form of communication I loved. 


At American University, although I pursued a degree in Finance, I continued with my interest in art and studied figure drawing and realistic techniques, as well as impressionism, and abstract expressionism. I spent countless hours at art museums admiring the work of Monet, Renoir, Morisot, Whistler, and Kandinsky all of whom inspired and influenced my work.  Ultimately, my favorite style became abstract painting with acrylics on canvas.  


On this adventure of life, through learning, I discovered, that imagination is the essence of creating art as well as life.  This is something I wish to communicate in my pieces and inspire imagination in the viewer.  Imagining, and day dreaming are an asset to me and have gotten me through the dark moments in life and up to the freedoms I have begun to enjoy.  Most of my paintings portray some aspect of that.


With that, from my home studio in Clearwater, Florida, my goal is to bring enjoyment to the viewer through my work, and to animate the day dreams, imagination and the creativity they bring into their own life.