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Water Dragon

The Water Dragon, adorned in its bold and beautiful colors, invites us to explore the realms of the fantastical and the mystical. It evokes feelings of power, prosperity, and creativity, inspiring us to tap into our inner strength, and unleash our boundless imaginative potential. 


In the presence of the Water Dragon, we are reminded of the inherent power it exudes.  The dragon embodies resilience and the ability to navigate challenges with grace. It is a symbol of perseverance and reminding us that we too possess the inner strength to overcome obstacles and emerge triumphant.


Original Fluid Acrylic on Canvas.

40in x 30in x 1.5in. 


Signed on lower right. Named and dated on the back. Painting flows over the edges of the canvas. Wired and ready to hang. Certificate of Authenticity included.  

Water Dragon

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