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Out of the Darkness

This painting serves as a reminder that life's struggles are not insurmountable barriers, but transformative chapters in an ever-unfolding narrative.


"Out of the Darkness" brings to light the indomitable human spirit, the triumph of resilience, and the celebration of life in a symphony of shadows and light. It invites us to acknowledge the challenges we encounter, confront them with courage, and emerge not only unscathed but enriched by the experience.


We all have ability to break free from the confines of the darkness and transcend limitations as we strive for higher ideals.


Out of the Darkness, Acrylic on Canvas, 20w x 16h x 0.6 in. 


Acrylic on Canvas with UV protective finish. Painting flows over the edges of the canvas. Wired and ready to hang. Signed on lower right. Named and dated on the back. Certificate of Authenticity included.


Framing not included, but available upon request.

Out of the Darkness

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