Native State - Limited Edition Print

Native State is a Limited Edition 8 x 10 inch Fine Art Print on archival Pro-Lustre paper.


The print is signed and numbered, and is being offered in an edition of 200 pieces.


It is matted but unframed. The matting is white, acid free and measures 11 x 14 inches.


Shipping is Free within the United States.


This print comes from a deep connection I have to the Native American culture. I drew this woman when I was 16, but painted the background more recently which gave her a universe.


There is a Native American anecdote I heard that I now live by. In this story a father explains to his son that "We essentially have two minds. One if full of hate, negativity, fear, panic, etc.. We call that the bad wolf. The good wolf, on the other hand, is the mind which holds in it optimism, love, courage, strength and the like. There is a constant battle between these two wolves.


The son asks, "which wolf wins in the end?" The father answers, "the one that you feed."


This print reminds me of the strength, courage, freedom and love which are qualities we all have and should "feed" on a daily basis. When we do, we overcome fear, panic, doubt and all, and the good wolf shines on.

Native State - Limited Edition Print