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Discovering the Biggest Barrier in Life.

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Photo credit: Ross Sneddon

Each day, I spend time on spiritual enhancement. It’s my time alone to enlighten myself further as a spiritual being, not my body or the things I own but me. I read books that make me see life in a different light, and spend time reflecting and letting go of something each day that’s holding me down. It’s amazing how much change I can bring about through observation and decision alone.

Today I had an epiphany. It’s a “I kind of knew this all along” realization, but somehow it became real to me. It seemed to me like I had been facing a ton of barriers and stops in life and at times it’s been overwhelming, but it occurred to me that there was really just one thing that was the one major barrier to things in my life. That thing is fear. It has kept me from trying new things or worrying about things I was doing. You know, fear of action, consequences, criticism, haters etc.

The more I think about it, the more I believe that sanity is the ability to control thoughts. And if I can control my thoughts, I can control fear. It is only a thought really in itself.

I also realized that there is something that we all have and have used many times over to survive and that is courage. Courage can dissolve fear. And so I decided that each day I can be aware of fear when it creeps up on my road and face it with courage. I have done it before and so I know I can do it again. Now, fear doesn’t stand a chance!

What do you consider is your biggest barrier in life?

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