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24 Different Ways To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

First of all, what is vibrational frequency and why would you want to raise it?

Nikola Tesla once said that “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Interesting , don’t you think?

In this physical universe, everything around us is composed of energy, and

every energy has its own vibrational frequency. Each object, body and mind has its own frequency.

A body has its own electrical field which can easily be influenced. The mind as well, with all its feelings and emotions, carries within it various vibrational frequencies. All these vibrations have a direct effect on us, either positively or negatively.

And generally speaking, the higher the frequency, the more positive we feel. An aesthetic creation for instance has a higher frequency of vibration than the feeling of grief. When you start living in a higher vibrational frequency, every aspect of your life begins to expand.

Really, everything has an optimum range of vibration and that rate is called resonance. When we are in resonance, we are in balance. It’s in that balance that we feel our best.

The awesome thing is that we have the ability to influence and raise our personal vibrational frequency.

Here are 24 different ways that can raise your vibrational frequency and operate on a higher level:

1. Self-gratitude – acknowledge yourself for all the things you’ve done right and the things

you’ve created in life that you love.

2. Live in the present not past – look around in your environment and pick some things which you like or admire.

3. Awareness – decide to be aware of negative thoughts that come into your mind. When this happens, focus your attention on something positive in the current environment, be it a flower, a tree or a piece of art.

4. Give to others – help someone without expectation of anything in return.

5. Read – find a book of uplifting quotes or something that brings you up and read it.

6. Learn – learn or take up something new.

7. Listen to music – find a song that is uplifting and have ready to listen to at any time.

8. Play music – pick up an instrument and play (singing in the shower counts).

9. Move – get the body moving in some way. Walking, running, roller skating, or whatever floats your boat.

10. Sleep – get some sleep if you’re not getting enough.

11. Eat – if you’re actually hungry then eat. Have foods that help your body, not foods which body has to fight.

12. Visualize – create a desirable future in your mind.

13. Get creative – paint, draw, craft, or do anything else creative.

14. Clean or organize – clean or declutter your space.

15. Cut down on TV – stop watching tv for some time, or really minimize it and watch only uplifting things.

16. Enjoy the sun – weather it’s the sunrise, sunset, or mid-day, enjoy some sun.

17. Get some space – go somewhere where you can get a wide-open view and look out as far as you can.

18. Beware of negative people – distance yourself from negative people in your life. You know, those that make you feel yucky or drag you down.

19. Journal – keep a journal and put down your thoughts on paper – get them out of your mind.

20. Relax – take the time to relax and chill. Have a cup of coffee, tea, water, etc.

21. Communicate – call up a friend you enjoy speaking with.

22. Laugh – force yourself to laugh if you have to, and you will feel better.

23. Games – play a board game with someone.

24. Get art - own a piece of artwork that is up-lifting.

You can pick any one of these and give it a go. It sometimes takes practice, but once you become aware of what lowers and raises your vibes, you’ll be able to take control and rise.

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