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Has this been you lately?

Why yes, I'm a bit stressed.

Why do you ask?

Did you know that just 45 minutes of creative activity significantly reduces stress?

Results of a 2016 study published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association

My name is Sylwia Herbst

and I approve this message. ;)

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So how about giving your stress wings and letting it fly away?

Fluid Art Painting for Beginners Course

will help you de-stress while you create.


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 Fluid painting can reduce stress by giving you:

A clearer and calmer mind

Improved focus

Freedom of self expression

Increased imagination and creativity

"Engaging yourself in painting ... can help you take off your mind from matters disturbing you. You’ll be surprised to find yourself thinking and feeling completely different from when you started being all anxious and jittery." - Diane Levy


"Even if you’ve never considered yourself an artist, now is the time to take up an artistic pursuit. It is never too late, and everyone can do it... You will be greatly rewarded emotionally, physically, and spiritually for your creative efforts. As Pablo Picasso once said, 'Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.' - Lisa Marder

Here is what you'll get

from the Fluid Art Painting for Beginners Course

  • The simple how-to you need to start painting, even if you don't know anything about making art

  • 19 brief videos of how to paint and de-stress with fluid art:

1. Supplies

2. Setting up your space

3. Paint thinner

4. Mindset

5. Mistakes?

6. De-Stress with fluid art

7. Choosing colors

8. Mixing colors

9. Dirty cup (flip cup) pour

10. Drying process

11. Open cup pour

12. Straight pour

13. Swipe technique

14. Pellet knife painting

15. Do over

16. A note on cells

17. Naming & signing your art

18. Tape

19. Torch

  • Do the course on your own schedule at your own speed

  • Five different simple fluid art techniques 

  • Tips on how to paint like a pro from the start and create quality art you can hang in your home, gift to others, or even sell

  • Pro tips, if you want to step it up a notch, including two things that most fluid artists do that I stay away from and why

  • Personal help from me by email

  • Ability to paint art similar to this;


Plus - These Awesome Bonuses!

  • A Fluid Art Painting for Beginners E-Book. A 39 page printable supplement to the course with step by step instructions, including photos

  • A printable supplies list including, what supplies you really need, and what you can do without, and where to buy them, including photos

  • A printable 17 page Color Guide E-Book which tells you about the power of colors, what they mean and how they heal

  • A basic guide to mixing colors, printable sheet

  • A simple printable glossary of the basic art terms used in the course

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