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Yes! I am accepting commissioned abstract paintings at this time. 

Please fill out the form to the right letting me know you're interested in a custom painting and your preferred way to be contacted.  I will then text you to set up a call to discuss the detail in what you're looking for.

Most often clients will ask for a specific size of artwork or specific colors.  I can also guide you on which colors to use in order to promote certain feelings or even healing qualities. 

The work and curing of the painting takes up to 2 months before I can ship it out. 

A 30% deposit is required before I begin the work. The cost is generally $2.00 per square inch (for ex. 24 x 24 x $2 =1,152)

However, once completed, I will send you images of the painting before shipping.  If you are not satisfied with it in any way, I will refund your deposit. It's important to me that you love it. 


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Customer Reviews

Beautiful!  Relaxing! Exquisite!!

I commissioned Sylwia to design a piece for my Mother in Law for Christmas. She incorporated a silhouette of my daughter in the painting using my MIL'S favorite colors. To say she loved it is an understatement!!!

My only problem now is how will I ever find a gift better than that!! Sylwia is very talented and diverse in her abilities from abstract pours to the most gorgeous will not be disappointed!!

Dr. Lisa P.


Sylwia created a beautiful piece for my family.  The energy of the tree she painted reminds me of growth, beauty and peace in nature.  I love it!!

Jen E.


Lia Mae and Dolphins Original (1)_edited.jpg
Mermaid Dream.jpg
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